IPforBusiness training in Rome

On 14.03.2018, RECOPHARMA Project partners, specifically Europe for Business Ltd. (EFB), were attending the IPforBusiness training organized by European IPR Helpdesk and European Patent Academy in Rome, Italy.

The training content was based on reviewed training modules of the IP4inno platform, a selection of SME case studies just elaborated by experts of the European Patent Office (EPO), a first-hand update about the Unitary Patent and various contributions of local IP & innovation support stakeholders like the National Patent Offices or the Enterprise Europe Network.

Mr. Piccinetti and Ms. Santoro, from EFB, were the opportunity to meet with Ms. Claire Fentsch, from IPR Helpdesk, who offers collaboration for future synergies and collaboration with RECOPHARMA project webinars; and with Ms. Pia Bjiork from EPO, in order to future participations in EPO Academy.

The IPforBusiness Training had the honor of having the presence of experts in the field, such as Michele Dubbini, European IPR Helpdesk; Prof. Massimiliano Granieri, University of Brescia; Michael Fröhlich, EPO – European and International Legal Affairs; Nicola Fantini, Enterprise Europe Network; Loredana Guglielmetti, Head of the patent division, UIBM and Francesca Cappiello Head of anticounterfeiting policies, UIBM.

In addition, the training session had hands-on approach by the SME case studies: These companies have used patents and the European patent system to their benefit and created value by successfully including patents in their business strategy. In this context, EFB took the opportunity to disseminate the main objectives of RECOPHARMA Project and to make new contact for IPR issues.

For detailed information about the IPforBusiness Training, visit the next website.