RECOPHARMAMakes its Markat“Science is Wonderful! - European Research and Innovation Days”

02/10/2020. Over three intensive and dynamic days, the EC-funded project RECOPHARMAwelcomed scores of visitors including schoolchildren, policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and citizens to its virtual booth at the EC annual flagship event, “Science is Wonderful!”.


As the only Horizon 2020 Project to be selected, RECOPHARMA was able to exploit this opportunity on an exciting virtual platform to deliver first-hand discussions and workshops as well as array of innovative, interactive digital activitiesto highlighthow drugs and medicines that treat COVID-19 and other diseases can enter our environment, and how the project is developing ways to recover them through wastewater treatment.


Project partner, Leonardo Piccinetti (Europe for Business) commented: “The RECOPHARMA project is fully dedicated to improving knowledge sharing to support the EU Green Deal implementation activities and create a cluster of existing European and international projects related to emerging contaminants in the water sector. Initiatives such as Science and Wonderful and Research and Innovation days have been a great experience to meet stakeholders, citizens, and students to translate knowledge to society and business”.


The videos shown during the event can be viewed here: