SKIN: Newsletter 4 - July 2019

The Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network – SKIN is facing its highly promising third year of activity, bringing value and brilliant results and opportunities at European and local level for the short food supply chain development.

The importance of the short food supply chain (SFSC) is gaining more and more traction from different perspectives and levels.

Through the different SKIN thematic workshops, local initiatives (Regional Nodes) and good practices (GPs) collected all around Europe, a wide overview of main factors and needs characterizing the SFSC and influencing its growth emerged and represented inspiring models for further initiatives bringing together farmers, consumers and policy makers.

In a nutshell, we are proud to share with you the results we achieved so far:

  • collection of more than 160 GPs from 26 countries worldwide
  • 6 thematic Innovation workshops organized, engaging with more than 200 farmers and stakeholders and generating several ideas for innovation
  • filming more than 30 video interviews to GPs and thematic experts
  • 6 journalistic articles
  • 6 thematic reports
  • more than 660 Twitter followers
  • more than 30 LinkedIn members
  • more than 200 registered users to SKIN website
  • 2300 experts involved in the EU-stakeholders network
  • more than 70 practice abstracts available on the EIP-Agri platform
  • 35 Regional Nodes in 15 EU countries to develop new innovative ideas and projects.

All these elements pave the ground for further exploitation of SKIN results, for the SFSC to make knowledge accessible and facilitate knowledge sharing among all players.

SKIN promotes an interactive innovative model intended at integrating practical knowledge and fostering knowledge transfer and exploitation by additional players who would benefit the most from it.

The future step is the development of a Community of Practice dedicated to the SFSC. All SKIN members are working on this initiative, ensuring continuity and strengthening the network built so far.

If you are dealing with the short food supply chain and you have an innovative approach to be shared, please join the network or contact us and you’ll be included in our good practices repository!

Stories from our good practices
Blockchain from farm to fork

Fresh Product

Discover the connection among short food chains and product freshness

Blockchain from farm to fork

Technologies in short food supply chains

Learn about our experts’ insights on Blockchain and new technologies

Blockchain from farm to fork

Short food supply chains and Regulations

Driver or Barrier? Here the answers from our experts and good practices

Short food supply chains: setting another place at the table

Short food supply chains: setting another place at the table

Ever more citizens are opting for short food supply network to get fresh local produce. They bypass supermarkets and support sustainable agriculture. However, this is often the prerogative of an educated and activist population. The challenge is to involve more disadvantaged people

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eTomato - a new like-minded initiative

eTomato – a new like-minded initiative

Addressing the needs of farmers and agriculture through training activities

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Innovation in short food supply chains

Innovation in short food supply chains

Read the latest EIP Agri brochure on short food supply chain

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Blockchain from farm to fork

Blockchain from farm to fork

Blockchain is mostly known in finance as a technology linked to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. However one of the most innovative applications relates to the food sector, which can use this technology to get more transparent supply chains

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Regulations Innovation Challenge Workshop
SKIN Good Practices Repository

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