We have 4 new PhD positions available at Wetsus!

Combined removal of antimicrobial resistance and pharmaceuticals from wastewater – (environmental) microbiology, process engineering, water technology – Promotor: prof.dr.ir. Mark van Loosdrecht (Environmental Biotechnology at TU Delft)

Vivianite formation and recovery from sewage sludge – biotechnology, inorganic chemistry, (bio)chemistry – Promotor: Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht (Technical University Delft)

Pharmaceutical residues and micro-pollutants removal from water with a hyperbolic vortex plasma discharge – physics, chemistry, physical chemistry, water techonolgy/process engineering – Promotor: Dr. Ir.W.F.L.M. (Wilfred) Hoeben, TU Eindhoven, delegated by prof.dr.ing. A.J.M. Pemen, TU/e full professor and EES chair 

Remote monitoring of hydrocarbons in groundwater through sensor data fusion – hydro(geo)logy, environmental chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering – Promotor: prof. dr. ir. L.C. (Luuk) Rietveld (TU Delft, dep. of Water Management)  


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