UAB and UH continue to strengthen their knowledge together

The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), through its researcher Montserrat Resina, continues to exchange its experiences and knowledge in Cuba, together with the University of Havana (UH), thanks to the service commissions carried out under the framework of the RECOPHARMA Project.

In addition, last week, 26.03.18, the agenda of Dr. Resina, Quality Technique and Research Support at the UAB, was loaded with interesting and useful visits.


Dr. Resina began her weekly activities visiting the facilities of Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, Havana, Cuba. The UAB researcher had the opportunity to explain the main objectives and activities of the RECOPHARMA Project to Dr. Jorge Luis Soriano García, Head of the Clinical Oncology Service and President of the Scientific Council. Both spoke about the problem of the presence in water bodies of waste of recalcitrant cytostatic drugs (CDs), both lending special interest in solid CDs. In addition, Dr. Soriano explained in detail the operation of the health system in Cuba and the hospital, which is a reference center in Cuba that guarantees highly specialized medical assistance with advanced technological use.


The week continued with a visit to the Center for Biomaterials (BIOMAT) of the UH, center founded in 1991 in Havana, Cuba, from high-level working groups from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University itself; the main mission is the development, production and promotion of biomaterials used in the health sector.

Finally, Dr. Resina toured the facilities of the Institute of Science and Technology of Materials (IMRE) of UH, Havana, Cuba. It is a center created in 1985 that has a hundred researchers and technicians at the university level, who conduct research oriented to clean and renewable energy in 3 major areas mainly: materials science; the chemical-physical methods of analysis; and the development of optoelectronic equipment.