Recopharma at EURAXESS webinar best practices

EURAXESS LAC and the Columbus association will hold a webinar to promote MSCA in LAC on 19/11/2019 at 10h00 in Bogota/16h00 in Paris (= 12h00 in BR, AR, CL, UY; 9h00 in MX). More at

From RECOPHARMA prof. Mario S. Pomares Alfonso principal investigator for Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Materiales (IMRE) Universidad de la Habana (UH) will present the Cuban experience for knowledge tranfer the framework of the best practices for RISE (Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Programme) funded by H2020 Marie Curie

About Columbus association – Universities helping universities

Columbus is an association of European and Latin American universities. Its main goal is to foster international cooperation and institutional development of its member universities by enhancing management processes and structures. The activities carried out by Columbus have been designed to support participating universities in developing strategies, implementing policies and organizing their structures. From the moment a university becomes a member of Columbus it has a series of services and activities at its disposal. Such activities are prepared by the Secretariat of Columbus out of its offices at UNESCO, in Paris.

EURAXESS is a European Commission initiative supporting researcher mobility and career development. In Latin American and Caribbean, EURAXESS LAC supports researchers (from PhD students onwards) willing to undertake a research stay in Europe.
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