The outputs

– There will be 4 workshops on:

1) Applications of NFMs and MIPs in novel WWTT (Lund, M12).
2) Monitoring of the occurrence and fate of CDs within the water cycle (PAU, M24).
3) Advanced and integrated process for pharmaceutical compounds treatment in WWTT streams (La Habana, M36).
4) Entrepreneurship & innovation management in WWTT (Spain, M47).

– 4 Open Days will be organised.

– Reliable, efficient and resilient novel adsorption nanostructured-based materials for pharmaceutical persistent pollutants treatment.

– Pilot plant demonstration of the developed technology.

– 4 Training courses to instruct practitioners in the use of the developed equipment and implemented research.

– 5 MoU negotiations for long-term cooperation or knowledge transfer.

– Wide dissemination of results through press releases, radio, TV or YouTube.

– Innovation support services in terms of access to risk capital within the water treatment sector.

– Future regional demand driven projects based on a well-known and accepted community and stakeholders, and articulated by those living in the community, concerning persistent pharmaceutical pollutants in water.